Large UVC Chamber



Lightning-fast decontamination. The HYPERION® chamber decontaminates non-invasive medical equipment and electronic devices using clinically proven UVC light technology.


Proven to kill pathogens in 60-seconds. HYPERION® is not just for hospital use. It can provide an ideal decontamination solution within hotels, restaurants, offices and much more.

360° UVC Decontamination


HYPERION® is a unique surface decontaminator, clinically effective against all problematic pathogens. It is unique, it delivers 360° UVC decontamination and penetrates hard to reach areas of objects which can often be missed when cleaning by hand.


Unlike other decontamination technologies, HYPERION® doesn’t use chemicals or gases and operates at room temperature and pressure. It is an ideal solution for decontaminating sensitive medical and electronic equipment that cannot be processed in an autoclave or washer-disinfector.



HYPERION® can be utilised in a broad range of settings both within and outside of the healthcare space

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Tested by Independent Academic Institutions


Within HYPERION® is an Independent Monitoring System (IMS) which offers full traceability for each decontamination cycle. All data is printed out in hard copy and archived to an SD card or network-connected device.


HYPERION® has been tested by independent academic institutions and accredited by the British Standards Institution (BSI) as a class IIA CE certified medical device.

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