Get your team back in the office and working together again safely. Terminally disinfect your office, shared computer equipment and staff breakout areas with the advanced cleaning power of UVC.

Keeping Staff Safe


So it’s vital for companies that they find ways to give their employees and partners the confidence to return to work and the idea of co-location once again. They need genuine confidence that their desk is situated in a clinically secure environment, and that they are as safe as they could possibly be. 

Safe and Powerful


There is a high-tech answer for the office industry in Finsen Tech’s THOR UVC® - the most powerful UVC system commercially available. Fully, and independently validated and tested, it can achieve significant reductions of all known pathogens, including COVID-19, delivering a calculated amount of ultraviolet light around a room with lamps which go from floor to ceiling, up to 2.2m high, ensuring that the hard-to-reach areas are hit by direct UVC light, eradicating pathogens. 


It can terminally disinfect your office space and the surrounding facilities - breakout areas, the coffee shop and the toilets - leaving them as safe as possible for your teams and the clients who visit.  


The process leaves no residue and causes no damage to your office furniture or equipment so everyone can get back to their desks, straight after the cycle is completed.  


THOR UVC® aims to bring near normality back to your businesses, by allowing you to operate as efficiently as possible while still ensuring customer and staff safety. 


Contact us to ensure that your office is free from COVID-19