Why speed should not be a deciding factor when purchasing a UVC disinfection product

January 26th, 2021

The speed of the disinfection process itself, while important, should never be a deciding factor when you are purchasing a UVC product. Find out why...

Numerous businesses and healthcare facilities are turning to UVC disinfection during the COVID-19 pandemic as an effective method of thoroughly cleaning their premises to ensure the safety of clients and staff.


But despite potential economic incentives, the speed of the disinfection process itself, while important, should never be a deciding factor when you are purchasing a UVC product.

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THOR UVC in events room

The time in which a device can purportedly disinfect a room is often touted as the most important metric for understanding its efficacy. But the much more important factor is how the amount of time it takes is calculated.


Some devices will use a fixed amount of time for each disinfection, instead of calculating it as a function of power and proximity. This means they might be able to boast quick disinfections - but it’s unlikely that they will deliver a comprehensive bacteria and virus kill under the wide range of circumstances they will face in real-world use.


When evaluating UVC disinfection devices, look instead to products which provide a dynamic, per-disinfection evaluation of the length of time required for a given room - not those which tout the shortest times. They might be faster, but they’re likely to result in less effective disinfection. 

In order for UVC light disinfection technology to be able to successfully deliver an effective treatment cycle, there are three factors which must be considered – power, proximity and time. 


Our own THOR UVC® device is the most powerful UVC system that is commercially available.

When placed in a room for disinfection, THOR UVC® starts by intelligently mapping the space. 3 pre-treatment room scans are done of the floor, the ceiling, and the contents to enable it to determine the size of the room, while taking into account its own output.


The content scan is done to analyse the amount of furniture, equipment and other objects in the space and the time is adjusted accordingly to ensure that an effective disinfection cycle is performed each and every time in order to kill bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19.


No other product on the market can do this process faster than THOR UVC®


Other devices may purport to be able to, however these devices do not take into account the amount of furniture and other objects in the room. The lack of science behind their estimated treatment times means that they cannot deliver a validated and thorough disinfection cycle.


UVC disinfection for COVID-19 should never be about speed to treat, it should always be about efficacy.


How can I find out more about UVC disinfection and purchasing a system?


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