ZEUS® Product Launch

April 26th, 2021

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Smart UVC Cabinet



Welcome to ZEUS, the newest member to the Finsen Tech UVC suite. ZEUS is a unique surface decontaminator, effective against all known problematic pathogens. Its unique, patent-protected six plane ultraviolet (UVC) decontamination process penetrates hard-to-reach areas of products that are often missed when disinfecting by hand.



Our latest highly adaptable, simple to use and easy to deploy UVC solution


ZEUS has been engineered to be as adaptable as possible, and the chamber can take either multiple products or large products in one single cycle due to the internal dimensions of 442mm (D) x 348mm (H) x 477mm (W).



ZEUS could not be easier to deploy within your premises, our unique surface decontaminator only requires a standard single-phase mains power connection and works on 110-240v so can be deployed globally in any location. In addition to this, due to ZEUS using only UVC light to disinfect, there is no requirement for specialist ventilation or extraction.



Simply open the door, place your items inside, close the door and press ‘GO’. The system will then perform a 30-second disinfection cycle that kills over 99.999999% of pathogens. The speed and effectiveness of the ZEUS cabinet mean that it is well suited for use both within medical environments, and non-medical spaces such as hotels, large office spaces or factories.

Finsen Tech ZEUS

Finsen Tech ZEUS cabinet disinfecting a keyboard

Proven Disinfection Technology


Using UVC light at a wavelength of 253.7nm, across all six planes and at a known level of intensity/distance, ensures that any product placed into the ZEUS chamber will be terminally disinfected. Third-party laboratory tests proved decontamination up to log 9 on the most difficult of pathogens to kill.



How can I find out more about ZEUS and purchasing a system?


Our expert team is on hand to offer advice on the right UVC disinfection solution for you, and how best to deploy it.


To find out more, please email our international sales team or call us on:


UK: +44 (0) 207 193 5641,


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Aus: +61 1300 665 884