Hospital Cleaning Robot

hospital cleaning robot

At Finsen Technologies, we have developed a hospital cleaning robot that can achieve log 6 reduction bacterial kill (99.9999%) and help cut healthcare acquired infections by 37%.


The THOR UVC is a high-output UV disinfection robot that delivers a powerful, fast and effective dose of continuous wave UVC energy to kill germs and pathogens.


It is also a hospital cleaning robot that uses unique room mapping technology to clean more effectively than any other similar product. The robot scans the room and then adjusts its height as required to deliver the required dose of UVC - this ensures that areas that other systems struggle to disinfect are attacked, on top of equipment or areas of shadow, for example.


Already used by hospitals and health care providers around the globe, including the NHS, THOR UVC has been tested to the highest standards and passes all global and local regulations.


In the UK, it is helping in the fight to reduce HAIs, a blight that costs the NHS an estimated £1 billion a year and also accounts for up to 30,000 deaths. THOR UVC’s proven ability to kill pathogens at 253.7 nanometers achieves that log 6 reduction and ensures that pathogens including Enterococcus, MRSA, C. difficile and Ebola are destroyed.


Hospital Cleaning Robot - Unmatched Coverage


Amongst all cleaning robots for hospitals, the THOR UVC achieves the highest dose of UVC energy.


The system is also easy to use and provides up-to-the-minute information.


An operator would simply wheel THOR UVC into the room to be cleaned and then start the cleaning process via a simple tablet app from outside the room. Should anyone enter mid cycle, the cleaning program would automatically and instantaneously be halted.


The cleaning robot would run its cleaning cycle and then send through automated reports to wherever they were required. Anyone needing to allocate rooms would know instantly that it was now disinfected and ready for use once more. Meanwhile, THOR UVC could be on its way to another room, creating an easy, continual cleaning process.


It is worth noting that THOR UVC can also be used to clean ambulances or any enclosed space - a feel of ambulances disinfected and all pathogens removed in quick time.


“We evaluated THOR UVC® performance in Operating Theatres and other clinical environments and we were extremely impressed with the results achieved. In my opinion, the use of UV-C can be a valuable aid in this as it can; when used correctly reduce bio-burden in difficult to contact areas and will not lead to increased resistance.”


Bob Darby, Director of Infection Prevention & Control at Circle Health who run hospitals, rehabilitation and NHS health services across the UK. 

 - See THOR UVC in action

The THOR UVC cleaning robot is one of two key products at Finsen Technologies, the other being the Nanoclave Cabinet.


A Unified Approach To Tackling HAIs


Finsen technologies use THOR UVC in partnering  with National UK Facilities management companies to provided bespoke terminal UVC disinfection solutions and have delivered contract services that contributed to a reduction in CDIFF in a NHS Trust Hospital


The Nanoclave Cabinet is used in Multiple Hospital sites across the UK to disinfect all non-invasive pieces of equipment, it is suitable for delicate and sensitive equipment and also electronic equipment as it uses UVC rather than heat or water.


Items are placed inside the cabinet and then the 30-second cleaning program run. The equipment would then be rotated within the cabinet to ensure full coverage, a second, final 30-second programme run. The equipment is disinfected after this process, pathogens removed.


Many healthcare providers use both the THOR UVC and Nanoclave Cabinet as using the two ensures a complete approach - rooms are disinfected, so too any equipment.


If you would like to know more about the THOR UVC cleaning robot, we have included some articles at the bottom of this page from recent, leading publications.


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