How to use a UV Steriliser Cabinet


Many hospitals and other healthcare establishments consider using UV technology to increase disinfection rates, but how exactly do you use a UV Steriliser Cabinet.


At Finsen Technologies, we are a global leader in producing products for healthcare settings that use UV light technology to cut healthcare acquired infections by up to 37% - key to this being the Nanoclave Cabinet.


We are perfectly placed to look at how these cabinets are used, how easy are they to operate?


The truth is, they are as easy to use as a dishwasher, if not easier. They are also far quicker.


With the Nanoclave Cabinet, our UV sterilisation unit, you would simply do the following.


How to operate our UV Steriliser Cabinet



Using this technology helps to tackle the blight of HAIs in healthcare settings. In the UK alone, HAIs are estimated to cost the NHS £1 billion a year and account for some 30,000 lives.


While improved hygiene through hand sanitisation and other methods has had some impact, there are now accepted to be only marginal gains to be made through these small steps.


Utilising UVC technology to disinfect rooms and equipment can lead to drastic cuts in pathogens, HAIs and with it preventable deaths.


Operating the Nanoclave Cabinet could not be easier, it also has a range of other benefits.


Benefits of Finsen Technologies’ UV steriliser Cabinet:



About our Cabinet


The Nanoclave Cabinet offers full traceability for each decontamination cycle, data can be printed out as a hard copy and also saved to an SD card or network connected device - for administrators this means there is a full paper trail to refer back to.


Our technology has been tested by independent academic institutions and accredited by the British Standards Institution (BSI) as a class IIA CE certified medical device.

Our sterilising cabinets can decontaminate virtually all non-invasive equipment, this including:



About Finsen Technologies


Finsen Technologies is a British company specialising in the design and manufacture of UVC hospital disinfection products and technologies. 


Our principles are based on manufacturing to the highest quality international standards, UVC disinfection products that are safe and clinically effective (Health & Safety Laboratory and independent tests centres) in the most cost effective way possible to healthcare institutions.


Finsen have distribution partners and sales channels throughout Europe, North America, the Middle East and Australia.


As well as the Nanoclave Cabinet, we also produce THOR UVC, this a high-output UV disinfection robot that uses room mapping technology to deliver a germicidal dose of continuous wave UVC energy. This kills germs and pathogens.


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