Infection Control in Hospitals

Infection Control in Hospitals 


The importance of infection control in hospitals is impossible to overstate.

In the UK, every year, Healthcare Acquired Infections cost the NHS an estimated £1 billion and the sanctions against any failing hospital can be 2% of their total budget.

Most strikingly of all, an estimated 30,000 deaths a year are the result of infections in hospital, that's why, as you know, infection control in hospitals is such a key battle.

At Finsen Technologies, we have two products that are helping hospitals around the globe win the battle, including a revolutionary automated cleaning system that has cut HAIs by 37% - and that is on top of the reductions those hospitals had already made by following best practice in terms of cleaning and hand sanitisation.

Our products have full regulatory approval.  They have been fully tested to the most rigorous international standards. We will now talk about both in a little more detail and how they save time, money and lives.

THOR UVC Disinfection Robot

thor disinfection robotThor UVC is a high-output disinfection robot which can leave any room it enters completely disinfected.

The robot is easy to move via its coasters, and is operated via a simple tablet application. It will map the room, adjusting its own height as necessary and deliver a germicidal dose of continuous wave UVC energy, killing germs and pathogens.

In quick order, it will achieve log 6 reduction, proven to kill 99.9999% of bacteria. This includes destroying highly dangerous pathogens such as Ebola, MRSA, Enterococcus and c.difficile.

Effective Infection Control in Hospitals

While there are other systems which use UVC as a means of disinfecting, the Thor UVC robot delivers the most powerful doses. This means it can clean more quickly and is more effective at targeting hard-to-reach areas including the top of equipment, areas of shadows and vents.

The Thor UVC also has entry detection systems. If someone enters the room while it is operational it immediately shuts off. A final benefit of this device is that it can deliver automated cleaning reports.

An example use would be after an operation.  The Thor UVC would be brought into the operating theatre and set to run through the app. It would then deliver its powerful UVC cleaning dose, completely disinfecting the room and removing all risk of those deadly pathogens.

An automated cleaning report would then come through saying that the operating theatre had been cleaned and was ready for use again – potentially just minutes after the previous operation finished.

Meanwhile, the Thor UVC unit could be taken elsewhere for another cleaning job – this could even include vehicles as the Thor UVC is capable of quickly disinfecting a hospital's stock of ambulances.

If you would like further information on the Thor UVC and how it helps with infection control in hospitals please follow this link, you can even see video of it in action.

Nanoclave Cabinet

While the THOR UVC decontaminates rooms and enclosed spaces, our Nanoclave Cabinet does the same for all non-invasive pieces of medical equipment and electronics.

Using ultraviolet light technology, the cabinet is proven to kill pathogens inside just 60 seconds.

To decontaminate an item, it is simply placed inside the cabinet and the quick cleaning programme run.

There are, of course, other cleaning cabinets available, but the Nanoclave Cabinet is unique because it does not use chemicals or gasses and operates at room temperature, thus making it suitable even for sensitive equipment.

The Nanoclave Cabinet helps to control and eliminate infections in hospital by quickly ensuring any equipment run through its cycle is decontaminated. By using it conjunction with the THOR UVC, an institution can work to have both room and vehicles and anything they contain free of all risk of pathogens.

There is much more information available on the Nanoclave Cabinet by following this link – including examples of the types of items it successfully cleans and also a video to give you a sense for how it operates.


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