MRSA Infection Control

MRSA infection control is essential from both a human perspective and also a financial one.


In the UK alone, Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs), of which MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) is the most common, cost an estimated £1 billion every year and led to as many as 30,000 deaths.


Tackling HAIs through MRSA infection control and other methods is so key an issue hospitals can be fined up to 2% of their budget if they are not seen to be doing enough in this area.


In recent decades, improved cleanliness and hand hygiene have helped but there are no key further gains to be made in this area. Instead, other, innovative methods are required.


At Finsen Technologies we specialise in UV disinfection equipment, helping hospitals in their quest for achieving high levels of decontamination of equipment and sterilisation in all key areas.


We have two products that are proven to kill pathogens, greatly limiting the occurrence of MRSA infections. One product alone has been found to reduce HAIs by 37%.


As you would expect of products entrusted for use in hospitals, they have full regulatory approval and have been tested to the highest international standards. Both products are used globally and so pass all testing and performance requirements in every territory.


They were also featured in the Daily Telegraph's series on the 70 ideas to save the NHS.


On this page, we will talk a little more detail about the two products that can help institutions with MRSA infection control.


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MRSA Infection Control - Two Groundbreaking Products




Thor UVC is a robot that delivers a fast and effective dose of UVC energy in a continuous wave.


Fully portable, the THOR UVC ensures that any room in which it operates is completely disinfected; this is a product that takes the guesswork out of assessing whether any room or space (THOR UVC is often used to disinfect the inside of ambulances for example) has been targeted and pathogens such as MRSA eliminated.


 The robot is mobile, running on Hospital castors and so is easy for any member of staff to move into rooms as required. It can then be operated via an easy-to-use app and so the entire disinfection of any room becomes a simple, one-person job.


Once put into action, THOR UVC will map the room and adjust to the optimal height before delivery of a germicidal dose of continuous wave UVC energy killing germs and pathogens.


The process will achieve log 6 reduction, killing 99.9999% of bacteria, MRSA but also Ebola, Enterococcus and c.difficile.


THOR UVC stands out from other products in the power of its doses and also the automatic height adjustment. These factors mean that the entire room is targeted, including areas that are traditionally harder to disinfect - areas in shadow, vents and on top of equipment - and all this in quick time.


The system will deliver automated reports, allowing those who require updates to know exactly which areas and rooms have been disinfected. THOR UVC can disinfect a room, perhaps an operating theatre immediately after use, that information will be fed into the system to show that the theatre is ready for use just minutes after its previous use; meanwhile THOR UVC can already be on to its next job.


Of course, hospitals are busy environments and there is always a possibility that someone will enter the room while THOR UVC is operational. If this does happen, the sensors immediately detect that the door has opened and the cleaning process is shut off.


There is a wealth more information about the THOR UVC on this site, including a video of THOR UVC® in action.


 Nanoclave Cabinet


This UV steriliser cabinet disinfects all non-invasive pieces of medical equipment and electronics. This makes it a perfect addition to the THOR UVC, the two work together to ensure that all rooms and spaces are disinfected, and then also all equipment.


By using the Nanoclave Cabinet, pathogens are killed inside 60 seconds; fast and hugely effective MRSA infection control is achieved.


The process is straightforward. The equipment is placed inside the cabinet and the cleaning programme run. It is not glib to say it is as easy - and a lot quicker - than operating a dishwasher.


Other cleaning cabinets are available, where ours differs is that it does not use gasses or heat, instead using UVC light. This means that even the most sensitive and delicate of equipment can be disinfected in this manner.


The Nanoclave Cabinet ensures any equipment is decontaminated, the THOR UVC that rooms, ambulances and any other spaces are disinfected.


More information on Nanoclave Cabinet – including examples of items cleaned and a video of it in operation.


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British company Finsen Technologies is a global leader in Ultraviolet light disinfection, we are helping hospitals and other organisations fight back and win the battle against MRSA infection.


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