Our Disinfection Technologies

Our products and services are clinically-proven to reduce Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI's)


ZEUS® is a unique surface decontaminator cabinet, effective against all known problematic pathogens. Its unique, patent-protected decontamination process penetrates hard-to-reach areas of objects and items that are often missed when disinfecting by hand.

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THOR UVC® is the most powerful UVC room disinfection system available in the world to eliminate shadows, and performs three integrated room scans to ensure that the optimum disinfection cycle is achieved.

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The EIR® range is designed to inactivate airborne micro-organisms in small and closed areas such as offices, houses, small rooms, toilets, and storerooms etc.

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The HYPERION® chamber decontaminates non-invasive medical equipment and electronic devices within 60 seconds, with clinically-proven ultraviolet light technology.

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