Room Decontamination

At Finsen Technologies we have developed products that are helping healthcare providers including hospitals achieve unmatched levels of room decontamination.


Already used around the globe and having passed all international and local regulations, our THOR UVC robot is a room decontamination system that achieves log six reduction - killing 99.9999% of pathogens.


Our room decontamination system is effective in killing Ebola, MRSA, Enterococcus, NOROVIRUS, VRE, CRE, Coronavirus, MERS, E.coli, Acinetobacter and C.difficile and more over a rapid cycle.


In this page, we will go on to talk about how the THOR UVC works at being both efficient and effective.


Room Decontamination - The Importance


In the UK, Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs) cost the NHS an estimated £1 billion a year and account for 30,000 deaths. Improved hand sanitisation has had some impact in cutting the spread of HAIs but it is thought there are no further improvements to be made in this area. What is needed is a more revolutionary system and that is where the THOR UVC comes in.


The THOR UVC robot effectively decontaminates any room through the use of powerful, targeted UVC light.


It is not the only product to use UVC light as a means of disinfection but it is more powerful and more targeted.


On entering a room, and with the programme operated via a simple tablet app from outside, THOR UVC automatically scans the room and then adjusts its height as necessary to deliver the UVC.


Where THOR UVC is unique and how it achieves the log six reduction is by its ability to disinfect the whole room, including traditionally difficult areas such as parts in shade, areas behind equipment, the air vents and other hard-to-access spots.


From the operational point of view, it could not be easier to use THOR UVC. It is simply wheeled into the room and then, with the door shut, the programme started from outside. THOR UVC then runs through the room disinfection process, taking just a couple of minutes, on completion filing a report that can be accessed through systems as required.


Anyone involved in room allocation would know the room was disinfected and ready for use again, meanwhile THOR UVC could already be on its way to another room.


The effectiveness of THOR UVC is shown in research demonstrating that UVC light disinfection can cut HAIs by an additional 37%.


The success of THOR UVC has seen it introduced in many countries, the UK being one of those. Bob Darby, Director of Infection Prevention & Control at Circle Health who run hospitals and other NHS services in the UK, said: “(We) evaluated THOR UVC® performance in Operating Theatres and other clinical environments and we were extremely impressed with the results achieved.


“In my opinion, the use of UV-C can be a valuable aid in this as it can; when used correctly reduce

bio-burden in difficult to contact areas and will not lead to increased resistance.”


The versatility of THOR UVC is such that it is also used to disinfect ambulances - it can be used to disinfect any enclosed space.


Room Decontamination - A Complete Solution


It is also often used in conjunction with our Nanoclave Cabinet - see our article on what a nanoclave cabinet is. The cabinet offers UVC disinfection of equipment, items are simply placed inside and the programme run - it is as simple to use as a dishwasher but far quicker.


Suitable for all non-invasive equipment, the cabinet, when used in conjunction with THOR UVC ensures that any enclosed space is disinfected, so too any equipment.


At Finsen Technologies we are hugely proud of the impact our products are having in the battle against the blight of HAIs.


Please contact us to find out more - full contact details are  available here.

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