UV Hospital Room Disinfection Steriliser

Finsen Technologies have developed the leading UV hospital room disinfection steriliser, a UV-C robot that kills 99.9999% of pathogens and will help organisations save time, money and many thousands of lives.

Our THOR UV-C robot is fully tested and approved and meets all global and local standards. It is a product already being used around the world and the results are proven and dramatic.

Tests have shown that using the THOR UV-C has led to a 37% reduction in Healthcare Acquired Infections. In the UK alone, HAIs needlessly claim 30,000 lives a year and the financial cost is great too with hospitals facing huge fines - the overall cost of HAIs within the UK’s NHS health system put at £1bn.

By achieving a level of disinfection that other methods simply cannot match, the THOR UV-C is a hospital UV room steriliser that enables organisations to drastically cut the burden - human and financial - of pathogens such as Ebola, MRSA, Enterococcus, NOROVIRUS, VRE, CRE, Coronavirus, MERS, E.coli, Acinetobacter and C.difficile.

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The Most Effective UV Hospital Room Steriliser

While the THOR UV-C is not the only machine to use UV light to cleanse an area, its unique design and process makes it by far the most effective.

Our product delivers more UV-C light, in a more targeted burst and in a way that targets the whole room, including areas that are traditionally hard to clean.

The robot is simple to use. It would simply be wheeled into a room, then operated from outside via a tablet app. The robot scans the room and adjusts its height as required to deliver the targeted UV-C light.

In this way, the whole room is disinfected, that 99.9999% rate of killing bacteria is achieved and areas such as on top of equipment, vents and areas of shadow - areas typically missed - are all thoroughly cleaned.

The unit would then send an automated report through and so the hospital’s system would show that the room was ready for use once more, potentially just minutes after its previous use. Meanwhile, the THOR UV-C could have been wheeled to another room.

It is worth noting that the THOR UV-C can be used in any enclosed space, for instance it is used by hospitals to disinfectant their stock of ambulances.

The UK is one country where hospitals are regularly using the THOR UV-C and of its benefits

Bob Darby, Director of Infection Prevention & Control at Circle Health who run hospitals and other NHS services in the UK, said:  “(We) evaluated THOR UVC® performance in Operating Theatres and other clinical environments and we were extremely impressed with the results achieved.

“In my opinion, the use of UV-C can be a valuable aid in this as it can; when used correctly reduce bio-burden in difficult to contact areas and will not lead to increased resistance.”

Cleaning For Rooms And Equipment

Many use the THOR UV-C in conjunction with another Finsen Technologies product, the Nanoclave Cabinet.  

The Nanoclave Cabinet uses UV-C light to clean equipment, the items would be placed inside, the cleaning programme run and the items come out disinfected. As no heat or water are used, this is a method suitable even for delicate equipment.

By using the two products, a hospital would know that not only are its room disinfected and free of the risk of pathogens but so too will be any equipment used around the hospital.






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At Finsen Technologies we are incredibly proud of the products we have developed, they have won awards but that is secondary to helping the fight against HAIs, saving hospitals money and saving patient lives.

To find out more, please get in touch. In the UK we can be called on 0207 1935641. There are full contact details for global enquiries and also a contact form available via this link.