UV Light Sterilisation

At Finsen Technologies, we specialise in making UV light sterilisation equipment which effectively kills bacteria and pathogens in hospitals – the environment where successfully removing these pathogens is so essential.

The cost, both financial and human, of Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs) is staggering. These HAIs cost the NHS an estimated £1 billion per year and lead to as many as 30,000 deaths. So severe is the problem, individual hospitals can be fined up to 2% of their budget if they are seen to not be doing enough to control infections.

Improved cleanliness and hand hygiene has helped over the past decade, but there are no real further gains to be had there, that is why so many hospitals around the world are turning to UV light Sterilisation.

At Finsen Technologies, we are committed to helping win this fight, that is why we have two products that are proven to kill pathogens and reduce hospital infection rates, one product alone has been found to reduce HAIs by 37%.

Our products have full regulatory approval and have been tested to the highest international standards. They were also featured in the Daily Telegraph's series on the 70 ideas to save the NHS.

On this page, we will talk in a little more detail about the two products. However, if you would like to give us a call to discuss your requirements, please get in touch on +44 (0) 207 193 5641 (for the UK and Europe), with global contact details available via this link.

UV Light Sterilisation – Two Groundbreaking Products


thor disinfection robotThor UVC is a high-output disinfection robot which can leave any room it enters completely disinfected.

The Thor UVC is a high-output disinfection robot that uses UV light Sterilisation to ensure that any room where it operates is left completely disinfected.

The robot is easy to move thanks to its coasters and can then be operated via a simple app – operating it is a one-person job.

THOR UVC will map the room, then adjust to the optimal height before delivering a germicidal dose of continuous wave UVC energy killing germs and pathogens.

This UV light Sterilisation will achieve log 6 reduction, killing 99.9999% of bacteria, including highly dangerous pathogens such as Ebola, MRSA, Enterococcus and c.difficile.

The Most Effective UVC Light Sterilisation

Where the THOR UVC stands out from other products that use UVC energy is in the power of its doses and also in its automated height adjustment. This means that it can target the hard to reach areas such as on top of equipment, vents and areas of shadow.

It is also, of course, built with hospital usage in mind, if someone enters the room while it is in use it will automatically and immediately shut off.

The system can also deliver automated cleaning reports. If an operating theatre has been used, the THOR UVC would be brought in and then set to run. In short order, the theatre would be completely disinfected and ready for re-use.

An automated report would be created, your systems would know that the operating theatre was ready for use again, potentially just minutes after the previous operation finished. The THOR UVC could already be somewhere else, undertaking its next cleaning job – and this could be in ambulances too, THOR UVCs are capable of using UV light Sterilisation to quickly disinfect your entire stock of vehicles.

There is a wealth more information about the THOR UVC on this site, including a video of it in action.

Nanoclave Cabinet

The Nanoclave Cabinet complements the THOR UVC in that it contributes to sterilising all non-invasive pieces of medical equipment and electronics.

The cabinet, which uses ultraviolet light technology, is proven to kill pathogens inside just 60 seconds.

The process is straightforward, the item or items are simply placed inside the cabinet and the quick cleaning programme run.

Where the Nanoclave Cabinet is unique is in that it does not use chemicals or gasses and operates at room temperature. This makes it suitable for even sensitive equipment.

By using the Nanoclave Cabinet, any hospital can be sure that equipment is decontaminated, by using it in conjunction with the THOR UVC it is possible to ensure that any room, ambulance and the equipment within is completely free of all risk of pathogens.

You can find more information by following this link – including examples of items cleaned and a video of it in operation.


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