UVC Disinfection Robots

Finsen Technologies are a British company who have developed the leading product in the field of UVC Disinfection Robots.


At Finsen, we specialise solely in creating UVC disinfection products that help hospitals disinfect rooms and equipment. Our products kill pathogens and help in the battle to limit the huge impact of Healthcare Acquired Infections.


Key to this battle is our UVC Disinfection Robot, the THOR UVC. Other UVC robots are available, but ours has a number of key advantages.












THOR delivers more UVC power output over a longer distance than any other UVC disinfection robots of this kind, as such it is the most effective and efficient option.


UVC Disinfection Robots - Why Finsen Technologies?


We specialise in the development and production of UVC disinfection products, including our market-leading THOR UVC disinfection robot.


We have many decades’ experience in the field of UV infection control, indeed Finsen Technologies was formed only after years of research into the most effective means of delivering UV disinfection to healthcare settings.


Our products have won awards and been favourably reviewed.


The Clinical Service Journal describes THOR UVC as “the most efficient and unique UVC ROBOT introduced into the Infection prevention Market.


Referring to our products’ use in real-life settings, Bob Darby, Director of Infection Prevention & Control at Circle Health www.circlehealth.co.uk who run hospitals, rehabilitation and NHS health services across the UK, says:


“[We] evaluated THOR UVC® performance in Operating Theatres and other clinical environments and we were extremely impressed with the results achieved. In my opinion, the use of UV-C can be a valuable aid in this as it can; when used correctly reduce bio-burden in difficult to contact areas and will not lead to increased resistance.”



We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements for UV disinfection robot technology to assist you in the fight against HAIs and to ensure hospital disinfection.


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