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At Finsen Technologies, we have developed two products that are true market leaders in the field of UVC Disinfection in the UK and beyond.


Our two products are the THOR UVC - this is a robot that uses UVC to disinfect any room or enclosed space. There is also the Nanoclave Cabinet, this a machine that disinfects any non-invasive equipment. By using the two, any organisation can be certain that both the rooms and equipment within them are disinfected.


In this page, we will talk a little more about both products and their advantages.


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UVC Disinfection UK - Log Six Reduction Bacterial Kill



For any organisation, be that hospital or other medical setting, or for facility managers or cleaning companies, the THOR UVC is a UVC disinfection system that is proven to deliver remarkable levels of cleaning.


Tested and approved around the world and already used in key UK settings, including by the NHS, the THOR UVC works by scanning a room and then adjusting its height before delivering a fast and effective germicidal dose of continuous wave UVC to kill germs and pathogens.


With the THOR UVC, log six reduction disinfection is achieved - 99.9999% of bacteria killed and pathogens such as Ebola, MRSA, Enterococcus, NOROVIRUS, VRE, CRE, Coronavirus, MERS, E.coli, Acinetobacter and C.difficile removed.


This level of UVC disinfection is achieved because the dose delivered is powerful and fast - THOR generates more UVC than other existing systems - but also because the height-adjusting ability of THOR UVC ensures that otherwise hard-to-reach areas are effectively disinfected, for instance behind and on top of equipment and inside vents.


The unit is simple to operate - you use it by wheeling it into the room or enclosed space (this can include vehicles such as ambulances) and then running the cleaning programme from outside via a simple tablet app. On completion, a report is sent through as required and so those in charge of assigning rooms instantly know that it is has been disinfected. meanwhile, THOR UVC can be wheeled to another room.


Along with the Nanoclave Cabinet, THOR UVC is helping to cut Healthcare Acquired Infections by 37%. HAIs are estimated to account for 30,000 deaths per year in the UK and also cost the NHS £1 billion per annum. UVC disinfection technology is proving to be a key weapon in fighting this blight, good hygiene practices now having reached a point of marginal further gains.


Working in conjunction with THOR UVC is our Nanoclave cabinet, this a unit that uses UVC disinfection to kill pathogens on non-invasive equipment. With no chemicals or gasses used and operating at room temperature, this is a system that can be used for delicate and electronic equipment, and it is already commonly used in UK settings.


Using the Nanoclave Cabinet is as simple as operating a dishwasher - you would had the equipment in, run the 30-second cycle, then turn the equipment round (to ensure all sides are disinfected) before running the programme for a second time. That it the entire process - around a minute to achieve that log six reduction in pathogens.


By combining THOR UVC and the Nanoclave Cabinet you can have certainty that both rooms and equipment are disinfected bringing a level of certainty to all cleaning and facility management.


Our products are the most cost effective way to achieve UVC disinfection. To find out more and to discuss your bespoke requirements, please contact us on (0) 207 1935641 – full global contact details are available on our Contact Page.


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