UVC Surface Steriliser | UVC Surface and Air Room Disinfector

UVC Surface and Air Room Disinfector

The need for UVC Surface Disinfector technology is clear as healthcare providers battle against the problems of healthcare acquired infections and the cost - both human and financial.

uvc surface steriliser


At Finsen Technologies we have developed UVC Surface Disinfection equipment that produces log six reduction (99.9999% of bacteria and pathogens are killed) and has been tested and approved for use globally - indeed, many organisations are already using our products.


In this page, we will tell you about the clear benefits of our state-of-the art UVC Surface Disinfector, what it achieves, how it does it and how versatile this equipment is.


Our key product in the battle to kill bacteria, disinfect healthcare (and indeed any) settings and win the battle against the blight of HAIs is the THOR UVC, a high-power UVC disinfection robot.


You can see how THOR UVC works by watching the video below, but, briefly, it works by mapping the room or space to be disinfected, adjusting its height as required and then delivering the dose of continuous UVC energy to kill germs and pathogens.


The entire process is over inside a few minutes, after which the space is disinfected and ready for use. Unlike other UVC technology, the THOR UVC also kills the germs and pathogens in hidden away areas such as on top of equipment, in areas of shadow, vents and more, making it by far the most effective UVC surface disinfector.


UVC Surface and Air Disinfector - Proven Impact


The THOR UVC has been proven to reduce HAIs by 37%, given HAIs cost the NHS in UK an estimated £1 billion a year and account for as many as 30,000 deaths the impact of this technology is clear. It kills pathogens including Ebola, MRSA, Enterococcus, NOROVIRUS, VRE, CRE, Coronavirus, MERS, E.coli, Acinetobacter and C.difficile.


A more detailed focus on how THOR UVC works and delivers the UVC wave is available on this site.


THOR UVC is easy to use and creates automated reports. A staff member would wheel THOR UVC into the room to be cleaned and then run the programme through a tablet application. Once the cleaning process was complete, a report would be sent out where required - there would be a trail of which rooms had been disinfected and when. The organisation would also know that the room was available for use again, potentially just minutes after a previous use.

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