UV Light Disinfection Hospitals

UV Light Disinfection Hospitals

Finsen Technologies provide robots that are the among the most effective source of UV light disinfection in hospitals available today.


A British company whose products meet all global requirements, our products are being used around the world to help in the battle against healthcare acquired infections (HAIs).


Two products, specifically, the room disinfecting robot THOR UVC and Nanoclave Cabinet, can be used to disinfect all non-invasive equipment in hospitals, achieve log six reduction (99.9999% bacterial kill) in minutes. They effectively kill all known pathogens including Enterococcus, MRSA, C.difficle and Ebola.


The impact of this technology cannot be underestimated, UV-C disinfection technology has been proven to reduce HAIs by up to 37% and, of all UV-C technology, it is Finsen Tech’s products that use the most powerful, concentrated dose.


In real terms, this is helping tackle a blight in HAIs that are believed to be responsible for up to 30,000 deaths per annum in the UK alone and cost the NHS an estimated £1 billion each year.


UV Light Infection - Two Essential Products For Hospitals


The THOR UVC robot is designed to clean all closed spaces, ranging from operating theatres to ambulances.


The unit is simply wheeled into the room or vehicle to be cleaned and the disinfection cycle then run from outside via a simple tablet app. The THOR UVC scans the room and then adjusts its own height as required to deliver the optimum dose of UV-C light.


Where this product truly stands out is that it targets areas that are traditionally hard to disinfect - this including areas of shade, on top of furniture and equipment and even in wall vents.


At the end of a short disinfection cycle lasting just a few minutes, the room is disinfected. A report can be automatically generated and sent to recipients, who instantly know that the room is available for use again. Meanwhile, THOR UVC can be wheeled to another room, another disinfection cycle run.


THOR UVC also instantaneously stops the disinfection cycle if anyone enters the room during the clean.


UV Light Disinfection - Proven In Hospital Settings


The Clinical Service Journal describes THOR UVC as “the most efficient and unique UVC ROBOT introduced into the Infection prevention Market.


Bob Darby, Director of Infection Prevention & Control at Circle Health www.circlehealth.co.uk who run hospitals, rehabilitation and NHS health services across the UK, says:


“[We] evaluated THOR UVC® performance in Operating Theatres and other clinical environments and we were extremely impressed with the results achieved. In my opinion, the use of UV-C can be a valuable aid in this as it can; when used correctly reduce bio-burden in difficult to contact areas and will not lead to increased resistance.”


Finsen Technologies’  other product is the Nanoclave Cabinet, this a way of disinfecting all non invasive surgical equipment through UVC light technology.


With no water used or heat generated, this is a method that is suitable for electronic and delicate equipment, the process itself as simple as running a dishwasher cleaning cycle. Equipment is placed inside and the 30-second disinfecting programme run, the equipment is then rotated (to ensure full cleaning coverage), a second disinfecting programme run and the equipment can then be removed having been thoroughly disinfected.


The combination of both UV light disinfection products ensures a complete approach to hospital disinfection and the certainty that the battle against HAIs is being addressed - this at a time when there are very few marginal gains to be made through general cleanliness and hand sanitisation.


Both products are now widely used around the world and are manufactured to the highest quality international standards - they are proven to be safe and clinically effective under Health and Safety and independent tests.


We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements for UV light technology to assist you in keeping hospitals disinfected and the risk of HAIs reduced.


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