What Is A UV Cabinet?

What Is A UV Cabinet?

uv cabinetHave you heard of UV cabinets but are not quite sure what they are? Or maybe you’ve seen them recommended as helping with disinfection? In this page we will answer what a UV cabinet is - and also look at where they are used and how this type of technology may benefit you


First, though, our credentials to comment on such matters and take up your valuable time.


 At Finsen Technologies, we are worldwide leaders in making products that use UV-C light to disinfect rooms and equipment within healthcare settings.


One of our products is the Nanoclave Cabinet, this being a UV Cabinet that is proven to kill pathogens such as MRSA, C.difficile, VRE, A.baumannii, K.pneumoniae and to leave whatever it cleans completely disinfected.


nanoclave cabinetWhat our Nanoclave UV-C Cabinet delivers is automated, quick, repeatable disinfection of all non-invasive pieces of equipment.


The process from the operator point of view is incredibly straightforward. The item to be disinfected would be placed inside the UV Cabinet, then, with the door shut, a 30-second programme run.


The operator would then rotate the object, this ensuring there are no areas in shadow, re-run the programme and then remove the item being certain that the object is now thoroughly disinfected.


The Effectiveness of UV-C Disinfection


The real key to a UV cabinet comes in how effective this form of disinfection is in comparison to other methods.


Finsen Technologies’ Nanoclave Cabinet does not use heat, water or pressure and so is a method of disinfection suitable for even the most delicate of medical equipment. With only UV-C light used, it is also green - there is nothing to be disposed of post clean.


A huge benefit of this technology is the certainty of the process and the repeatability. A full cleaning report will be produced after every job. This can be saved on the network or to a portable storage device.


Speaking of portable, the cabinet can also be moved to other parts of the facility, or between facilities. Of course, the portability makes these cabinets hugely beneficial in crisis areas where proven, reliable disinfection of equipment might otherwise be impossible.


Although there is an initial cost with any UV Cabinet, they can prove hugely economical over time. They help reduce the time spent manually cleaning and disinfecting objects and also the administration required - there is a checkable record of what has been disinfected and when.


Perhaps more importantly, they also help in the battle against Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs), something that costs billions of pounds per year globally and account for many hundreds of thousands of lives.


At Finsen Technologies, all our products - the Nanoclave UV Cabinet and also the THOR UVC - are designed with this central aim - to help healthcare providers to cut HAIs by effectively killing pathogens. The THOR UVC alone achieves log six reduction, killing 99.9999% of pathogens.


The THOR UVC is a portable device that can be placed in any room, it then adjusts its height so that it is optimal for that particular space and runs a UV-C light programme that disinfects the space, whether this is a room in a hospital, operating theatre or even an ambulance.

If you would like further information about this or our Nanoclave UV Cabinet, please call us on +44 (0) 207 1935641 or fill in our enquiry form.

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