Why offices, hotels and restaurants are using UVC to kill COVID-19

COVID-19 has presented offices, hotels, restaurants and other commercial premises with a significant disinfection challenge.

The requirement to ensure that commercial premises are as safe as possible during the pandemic has led many to reconsider traditional, chemical-based cleaning measures.

This is because, whilst these measures are effective to a degree, they have two major drawbacks. Firstly, they are non-comprehensive, meaning rooms are not as safe as they could be for customers and staff.

Generally, traditional cleaning only tackles particles on surfaces, and only 50% of those particles are, on average, removed. In addition, they don’t deal with the air in a room, which remains contaminated.  

Secondly, for manual cleaning to be as effective as possible, it is time-consuming. This can put customer-facing spaces out of action for longer periods than usual, and/or require an increase in the number of cleaning staff. In tandem, these can have a significant financial impact for businesses.

Consequently, increasing numbers of offices, hotels and restaurants are now looking to alternative solutions. UVC disinfection – the process of killing germs using ultraviolet energy – is chief among these alternatives.

Why offices, hotels and restaurants are adopting UVC disinfection

  • A recent Boston University study undertaken in conjunction with our partner Signify (the manufacturer of the UVC emitters at the heart of our products) found that UVC emitters are highly effective in eradicating COVID-19 specifically 

  • UVC disinfection is more effective than traditional cleaning methods. Not only is it significantly more comprehensive when disinfecting surfaces, but it also eradicates COVID-19 from the air in the room – something which manual cleaning cannot do

  • The process of UVC disinfection takes just minutes, helping to reduce cleaning time

  • UVC doesn’t damage room fixtures such as carpets and furniture – whereas chemical-based cleaning can in the long run

How offices, hotels and restaurants can adopt UVC disinfection

The THOR UVC® device is chemical-free, reaches floor-to-ceiling, is suitable for small and large spaces, and cleans both surfaces and the air around them.

THOR UVC® disinfecting a hotel room.

As the THOR UVC® disinfection process is very quick, taking less than 15 minutes, it can easily be integrated into existing cleaning schedules.

It is usually deployed in a room directly after manual cleaning is carried out.

How can I find out whether UVC is right for my business premises?

Our expert team designed and built THOR UVC® and can advise on whether it is the right solution for your office, hotel, restaurant or commercial premises setting, and if so, how best to deploy it. 

To speak with them, please email our international sales team or call us on:

UK: +44 (0) 207 193 5641 

USA: +1 844 4 346736

Aus: +61 1300 665 884


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