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How can we truly protect ourselves against the spread of invisible and deadly pathogens lurking in the air and our surrounding environments

Traditional cleaning methods often leave surfaces, rooms, and air susceptible to contamination, putting us all at risk. safety by your science, Finsen Tech’s revolutionary UVC technology emerges as a beacon in the battle against pathogens.

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Our Approach

At Finsen Tech, we are trailblazers in innovative UVC technology on a mission to stop the spread of infectious pathogens around the world. With offices in the UK and the USA, we strive to develop unbeatable solutions for infection control in healthcare settings and many other environments where safety of the patrons, visitors, and employees is a priority.

Our technology, built to rigorous clinical standards in healthcare, has emerged as a formidable weapon against deadly pathogens in a variety of settings. We offer a “Trinity” of solutions for disinfection in the air, on surfaces, and objects. Our reach spans sectors ranging from hospitals, surgery centers, and nursing homes to schools, sporting venues and the hospitality industry.

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Our Solutions

Unleash Cutting-Edge Disinfection Technology

Our “trinity” of infection control solutions is not just a response…  it’s a revolution. We attack pathogens in the air, on surfaces in a room, and on objects. This tri-fold approach compensates for human error, reduces cross-contamination, and ensures that all bases are covered.

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