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Finsen Tech is an international company specializing in the design and manufacturing of life-saving UVC disinfection products, services, and solutions that can be effectively utilized across healthcare, hospitality, and other sectors.

Meet The Team of FinsenTECH

Today, Finsen Tech supplies room and cabinet-scale UVC disinfection devices to medical and non-medical facilities across the globe. Each of our devices has undergone extensive clinical testing by independent third-party researchers, all of whom have unanimously concluded that our products are exceptionally effective.

Who are We?

Finsen Tech was established in 2015 with the mission of providing UVC disinfection solutions that are more effective and offer better value than the devices already available in the market.

Since our inception, we have successfully fulfilled this mission. By harnessing the power of UVC light, we have empowered clients worldwide to disinfect various settings, including medical facilities, hotels, restaurants, and more confidently, effectively, and safely.

UVC disinfection involves using a precisely controlled burst of UV light to eliminate viruses and bacteria. In theory, its effectiveness knows no bounds, but in practice, it depends on the device used to emit it. Factors like insufficient intensity, inadequate duration of exposure, or incomplete coverage of the disinfection target can limit its efficacy.

Our products stand out due to many in-house innovations that effectively address these limitations. This ensures that UVC disinfection can be applied easily, swiftly, consistently, and with a high level of effectiveness.

Building a Better Future: Our
Core Values in Action

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