Smart UVC Cabinet.

Smart UVC Cabinet

There’s no other cabinet surface decontaminator like ZEUS®.

It’s efficacious against all problematic pathogens. By using its original, patent-protected six-plane UVC decontamination process it penetrates hard-to-reach areas of products typically missed when disinfecting by hand.

Flexible, Adaptable and Easy
to Use

ZEUS® has been engineered to be adaptable.

In one cycle, the chamber can disinfect multiple smaller products, such as remote controls or phones, or a single larger product. Its internal dimensions are 348mm H x 442mm D x 477mm W.

ZEUS® is easy to deploy. Our unique surface decontami-nator requires only a single-phase mains connection and can be installed anywhere in the world, as it operates on 110-240v. ZEUS® uses only UVC light, so no specialist ventilation or extraction is required.

Proven Disinfection Technology

Powerful disinfection is as easy as opening the door, putting items inside, closing the door & pressing ‘GO’.

The ZEUS® chamber uses UVC light at a wavelength of 253.7nm, in all six planes and at a defined intensity and distance, to terminally disinfect any product inside it. A 30-second cycle kills over 99.9999999% of even the most stubborn pathogens (log 9), as proven by third-party testing.

As a result of its speed and effectiveness, the ZEUS® cabinet can be used in medical and non-medical environments alike, including hotels, large office spaces and factories.

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