Breaking the Chain of Infections, Using Science


Finsen Tech continues to innovate and develop the widest range of UVC solutions to eradicate pathogens on all fronts. We seek to break the chain of infections by focusing on the entire chain of infection, filling in where human beings break down. We are fully dedicated to antimicrobial stewardship using science to prevent infections worldwide.

Cost-Effective UVC

We recognize the fiscal challenges within healthcare budgets and are committed to offering our products at prices that remain accessible to our valued customers. Moreover, we stand by you to ensure the seamless implementation of our equipment, delivering immediate benefits to you, your staff, and the individuals you serve.

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Proven to Annihilate Deadly Pathogens Fast and Effectively

Finsen Tech manufactures best-in-class UVC disinfection solutions, which apply to all medical and non-medical facilites alike. Sold into countries around the world, each device has undergone rigorous clinical testing by unaffiliated third-party researchers, who have unanimously found that our products are extremely effective against deadly pathogens, including: Coronavirus, MRSA, Ebola….

More Power, Less Shadows, Accurate Dose Measurement

Standard manual cleaning techniques can miss up to 50% of particulates on surfaces and utilizes harsh chemicals that may contribute to antimicrobial resistence. Other methods can take hours in preparation and delivery time and can cause damage to sensitive equiment and electrical components. At Finsen Tech, we address these issues utilizing extremely powerful UVC emitters with shadow busting design and room mapping technology that take into account the variability of how infections originate.


Decades of Expertise in Infection Control

Finsen Tech is built upon the collective experience and expertise of its employees spanning over four decades in medical devices and infection control. Finsen came about after years of dedicated research aimed at developing life-saving UVC solutions that are more effective and better value that devices already on the market.


Discover the Finsen Tech Advantage

A combination of innovative technology, proven efficacy, affordability, and science that empowers customers to safeguard their environments.
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