As the economy reopens, the logistics industry plays a crucial role in keeping supply chains running worldwide.

Most Powerful UVC System

COVID-19 challenged the industry to keep static spaces like warehouses and mobile ones like trucks or trains safe and pathogen-free.

Finsen Tech’s THOR UVC® is the solution, and the most powerful UVC system on the market. Your office space and the surrounding facilities – like breakout areas, coffee shop and toilets – will be fully disinfected, making them safe for your workers and clients.

THOR UVC®: Redefining Disinfection Precision

In each treatment cycle, THOR UVC® performs three pre-treatment room scans, including hard-to-reach spaces such as cupboards and toilets. Estimating total disinfection time is no longer a matter of guesswork. The system’s post-treatment reports give you a clear audit trail.


Tested To Reduce All Known Pathogens

THOR UVC® has been independently validated and tested to reduce all known pathogens, including COVID-19. As the process leaves no residue and the room’s contents are not damaged, the disinfected space can be used immediately. THOR UVC® leaves your warehouse, office, kitchen and restrooms safe for your staff and customers.


The Thor UVC® system

It is designed to bring normalcy to your business so you can maintain efficiency while protecting customers and employees.

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