Large UVC Chamber.

Large UVC Chamber

Decontamination in a flash. By using clinically proven UVC light technology, the HYPERION® chamber decontaminates non-invasive medical equipment and electronic devices.

HYPERION® has been proven to kill pathogens in 60 seconds. Its use isn’t limited to hospitals – it can also be used in hotels, restaurants, offices and other settings. Whatever the industry, it provides an additional level of protection against infectious diseases to instill greater confidence in your institution or business.


360° UVC Decontamination

HYPERION® effectively decontaminates surfaces, killing all problematic pathogens. Unlike hand cleaning, it can penetrate hard-to-reach areas of objects and deliver 360° UVC disinfection. Unlike autoclaves and washer-disinfectors, it is an ideal solution for safeguarding sensitive medical and electronic equipment.

The chamber includes an Independent Monitoring System (IMS) that provides fully traceable data about each cycle. You can view reports in either hardcopy or digital format directly on your SD card or network-connected device. You can rest assured that decontamination was successful and have a convenient audit trail if needed.

HYPERION® is safe and simple to use. It’s chemical-free, gas-free, and works at room temperature and pressure. Independent academic institutions tested it, and the British Standards Institution (BSI) approved it as a class IIA CE medical device.

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