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Sports & Recreation Centers

After COVID-19, Gyms And Sports Centers Have A Monumental Task To Regain Members’ And Guests’ Trust In Their Cleanliness And Safety. THOR UVC®, The Strongest UVC System On The Market, Shows Your Members You Care About Their Health.

finsentech THOR UVC® is fully and independently validated and tested to reduce all known pathogens, including COVID-19. Your facilities, including changing rooms, cafe areas and toilets, will be thoroughly disinfected for customer and employee protection.
finsentech With THOR UVC®, ultraviolet light is delivered in a calculated amount around a room to kill bacteria and viruses. Other systems leave some areas vulnerable because of shadows cast by equipment. To prevent this, the lamps in our system reach up to 2.2m in height, from floor to ceiling. UVC light reaches tricky areas directly, eradicating pathogens. Facilities can be used immediately after disinfection without worrying about residue or damage to the room’s contents.
finsentech Before every treatment THOR UVC® performs three pre-treatment room scans, mapping out the treatment cycle and how long it will take, including how long it will take to treat hard-to-reach areas. No more guesstimating – you’ll know exactly how long to budget for disinfection. Our system lets you rest assured that every surface is safe with treatment reports that also provide a clear trail for audits.
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Innovating Wellness: Post-COVID Disinfection Excellence for Sports and Gyms

We want to bring the sports and gym business up to post-COVID-19 disinfection standards. The goal is to ensure customer and staff safety while operating as efficiently as possible.

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