Elevate Your Indoor Air Quality

Our EIR® series is clinically proven to reduce Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs), leveraging UVC technology to ensure improved safety for everyone by enhancing air disinfection.


Improved Safety for Everyone

The importance of clean, healthy indoor air has never been more important than it is today.

To inactivate airborne viruses, indoor air and UVC disinfection units like the EIR® series are particularly effective in preventing further spread, providing safe and healthy disinfecting UV light solutions.

Eradicating Harmful Pathogens

Our UVC emitters eradicate bacteria, viruses, and all known pathogens when exposed to a sufficiently high dose of ultraviolet light, ensuring that the DNA and RNA are damaged and can no longer replicate. The air is then passed through the HEPA filter, resulting in clean air being forced back into the room, making it a powerful solution for air purification.


One Powerful Solution

The EIR® systems are designed to be versatile and have a ‘plug and play’ design philosophy.

Their only requirement is access to a standard electrical outlet, making them an ideal UVC cabinet for various settings without the need for complex installations.

A Champion in Air

EIR is engineered to tackle the challenge of maintaining clean air head-on.

Designed to circulate indoor air with a frequency of at least three times per hour (adjusting to building specifications), our EIR UVC series achieves a remarkable 99.995% kill rate on a single pass, serving as an ultraviolet disinfection unit for a wide range of applications.

EIR 1350

The Science of Clean Air: How EIR Works

The EIR UVC series employs cutting-edge emitters operating at 253.7nm, ensuring the complete eradication of bacteria, viruses, and all known pathogens.

By subjecting them to a sufficiently high dose of ultraviolet light, EIR damages the DNA and RNA of these threats, rendering them incapable of replication. The air then passes through a HEPA filter, circling clean, purified air throughout the room, showcasing EIR as a commercial UV light sanitizer.

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