Our Disinfection Technologies

Our products and services are clinically-proven to reduce Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI’s)

At Finsen Tech, we’re on a mission to revolutionize how we combat Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI’s). Our commitment to innovation technology has led us to develop a remarkable line of disinfection technologies.

Smart UVC Cabinet

There’s no other cabinet surface decontaminator like EIR®.

It’s efficacious against all problematic pathogens. By using its original, patent-protected six-plane UVC decontamination process it penetrates hard-to-reach areas of products typically missed when disinfecting by hand.


Flexible, Adaptable and Easy
to Use

EIR® has been engineered to be adaptable.

In one cycle, the chamber can disinfect multiple smaller products, such as remote controls or phones, or a single larger product. Its internal dimensions are (13.7H x 17.4D x 18.7W).

EIR® is easy to deploy. Our unique surface decontaminator requires only a power connection and can be installed anywhere in the world, as it operates on 110-240v. EIR® uses only UVC light, so no custom ventilation or extraction is required.


Proven Disinfection Technology

Powerful disinfection is as easy as opening the door, putting items inside, closing the door & pressing ‘GO’.

The EIR® chamber uses UVC light at a wavelength of 253.7nm, in all six planes and at a defined intensity and distance, to terminally disinfect any product inside it. A 30-second cycle kills over 99.9999999% of even the most stubborn pathogens (log 9), as proven by third-party testing.

As a result of its speed and effectiveness, the EIR® cabinet can be used in medical and non-medical environments alike, including hotels, large office spaces and factories.

A Champion in Air

EIR is engineered to tackle this challenge head-on. Designed to circulate indoor air with a frequency of at least three times per hour (adjusting to building specifications), our EIR UVC series achieves a remarkable 99.995% kill rate on a single pass.

The applications for EIR are virtually boundless. From bustling shopping centers to critical healthcare facilities, airports, and more, EIR’s combination of indoor air management and UVC disinfection proves remarkably effective at preventing viral spread.

The Science of Clean Air:
How EIR Works 

The EIR UVC series employs cutting-edge emitters operating at 253.7nm, ensuring the complete eradication of bacteria, viruses, and all known pathogens. 

By subjecting them to a sufficiently high dose of ultraviolet light, EIR damages the DNA and RNA of these threats, rendering them incapable of replication. The air then passes through a HEPA filter, resulting in the circulation of clean, purified air throughout the room.

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