Get Your Team Back To Work Safely In The Office. Using UVC’s Advanced Cleaning Power, Terminally Disinfect Your Office, Shared Computers And Staff Breakout Areas.


Finsen Tech’s THOR UVC®

When it comes to clinical safety, companies need to find a way to put their employees and partners at ease in a shared workspace.

Finsen Tech’s THOR UVC® is the solution, and the most powerful UVC system on the market. Your office space and the surrounding facilities – like breakout areas, coffee shop and toilets – will be fully disinfected, making them safe for your workers and clients.


THOR UVC® has been fully validated and independently tested and reduces all known pathogens, including COVID-19. From floor to ceiling, it emits a calculated amount of ultraviolet light around a room. By using lamps that reach 2.2m high, pathogens in hard-to-reach places are eradicated by direct UVC light. No residue is left behind and there’s no damage done to furniture or equipment. As a result, everyone can resume working as soon as the cycle is complete.

Thor UVC® helps your business operate efficiently while safeguarding your customers and staff.

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