How to train your staff to use THOR UVC®

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THOR UVC® is designed to be easy for your staff to operate. In fact, your team can learn how to use it in less than an hour. This is the process..

THOR UVC® is designed to be easy for your staff to operate. In fact, your team can learn how to use it in less than an hour. This is the process..

THOR UVC® is designed to be easy for your staff to operate. In fact, your team can learn how to use it in less than an hour. To ensure that they’re able to learn quickly and effectively – and to ensure that no time is lost between purchasing THOR UVC® and beginning to use it – we include a live training session with all orders.

How THOR UVC® training works

Once you’ve received your THOR UVC® unit, our team will be in touch to setup your training session.

Most of our training sessions are currently taking place remotely via video conference due to COVID-19 restrictions – but in-person training is also available where required.

The session is usually led by Tristan, our Technical Director, an expert in disinfection and more specifically THOR UVC®.

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It’s a fully interactive, practical session, where your team will be following along with Tristan and learning by doing – operating their THOR UVC® device at the same time as he operates his.

It’s not a webinar, and you won’t be sharing with other clients. This session is just for you and your team. Tristan is able to see and hear your team at all times, and you’re able to ask questions at any point.

Here’s what the training session looks like from your end:

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You’ll see that there are three live cameras throughout the session – one showing Tristan giving the demonstration, one showing a live feed from the remote control tablet he’s using to control his THOR UVC® tower, and one on the device itself.

Thor UVC® training in 4 steps

Below, a step-by-step overview of what takes place during a training session.

Step 1: Background information

The session begins with a presentation giving guidance on what UVC disinfection is, how it works, and why it’s effective. We also tell your team who we are, our credentials, and why they can trust us as experts in UVC disinfection. For healthcare clients, we also include detailed guidance at this point on what diseases UVC disinfection covers, fully referenced via WHO data.

Step 2: Features and benefits of THOR UVC®

We then give an overview of the THOR UVC® device, including its key features and benefits – such as the fact that it is telescopic to eliminate shadows when disinfecting, that it uses LIDAR technology (Light Detection and Ranging – a remote method for measuring exact distances using laser light) to understand how big and how full a room is before starting work, and how portable it is (the same size as a wheelchair).

We also share the type of reporting data that is provided, and how it’s sent via email and accessible by an online portal, the Finsen Tech Cloud.

We share scientific data at this point too – so your team doesn’t have to take our word for it that THOR UVC® works.

Step 3: How to use THOR UVC®

We then take your staff through the process of how to operate THOR UVC® via the included wireless touchscreen tablet.

Throughout this step, you and your team will see a live feed of what Tristan is doing to operate his THOR UVC®, and you will be following along. You’ll also be able to see the device itself working as he operates the tablet.

We’ll demonstrate all of the key features that your team will need to understand in order to safely commence disinfection cycles, including how to set the treatment radius, how to use the LIDAR to scan the room before starting, and how to understand the information the tablet provides while a disinfection cycle is in progress.

Step 4: Questions

Yourself and your team are welcome to ask questions at any point throughout the session – but there’ll also be an opportunity at the end.

After your training session

Once your training session is complete, our team will be in touch to supply our Six Step Quick Reference Guide. This acts as an aide memoire for members of your team that attended the session, but also, importantly, it helps them to train other members of your team who weren’t present.

You’ll also receive supporting scientific data as references for the information that we gave you during the training session.

Find out more about THOR UVC® 

To find out more about how to purchase THOR UVC® for your facility, please email our international sales team or call us on: 

UK: +44 (0) 207 193 5641 

USA: +1 844 4 346736 

Aus: +61 1300 665 884 

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