Why cleaning surfaces is not enough to kill COVID-19

As the pandemic unfolds, businesses that maintain physical facilities are facing an unprecedented question – how can they ensure that they disinfect against COVID-19 effectively?

In order to protect the health of customers and staff by combating the spread of the COVID-19 virus, regular and thorough disinfection is crucial. Deep, surface cleaning by hand is how most companies are disinfecting against COVID-19. But is traditional manual cleaning sufficient to disinfect against COVID-19?

There are two main reasons why surface cleaning may not be enough to fight COVID-19

  1. The virus can be spread in small particles of liquid emitted from the mouth or nose of an infected person when they cough, sneeze, talk or breathe heavily. These liquid particles range from respiratory droplets to smaller aerosols. Aerosolised coronavirus can remain in the air for up to three hours, as shown in research by Harvard University. Traditional cleaning can only deal with the visible surfaces that people can reach.

  2. While manual, chemical-based surface cleaning does remove coronavirus particles, it isn’t fully comprehensive – and can eradicate as little as 50% of viruses and pathogens

COVID-19 virus
Deep, manual surface cleaning is how the majority of facilities are disinfecting against COVID-19. It is effective up to a point – but it has drawbacks.

While traditional, chemical-based cleaning measures carried out by hand continue to be useful, they are no longer sufficient on their own.

Many businesses are now looking to UVC disinfection, which is far more comprehensive

UVC disinfection – the process of killing germs by using ultraviolet energy – cleans both surfaces and the air around them. It is usually deployed in a room directly following manual cleaning to ensure that the room is comprehensively disinfected. With the right tool, it can take less than 15 minutes and can easily be integrated into existing cleaning schedules.

Our own THOR UVC® device is ideal for this purpose. It is suitable for even the smallest of rooms and can disinfect a 360-degree area, irrespective of obstacles, killing viruses and bacteria.

How can I find out whether UVC is right for my business premises?

Our expert team designed and built THOR UVC® and can advise on whether it is the right solution for your office, hotel, restaurant or commercial premises setting, and if so, how best to deploy it. 

To speak with them, please email our international sales team or call us on:

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